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UAVs and 3D Laser scanning has its obvious uses in the BIM world, specifically within the mechanical, plumbing and HVAC trades. Anyone currently competing in this space and not using laser scanning and 3D modeling is missing not only a significant cost saving tool, but not looking to the future where soon all MEP as-built documentation work will be done this way

**R1 does NOT provide actual construction services**

**R1 does NOT provide actual engineering services**

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RealityOne is NOT a licensed engineering firm but a leading provider of PROFESSIONAL SERVICES to the AEC industry.



UAVs and 3D laser scanning data is one of the foundational building blocks of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. Before design and construction can begin with any modernization or rehabilitation project, the existing conditions must be captured. 



The field of historic preservation focuses on planning, whether it’s developing a schedule for maintenance, or contextualizing a building within a developing neighborhood. Comprehensive laser scanning documentation streamlines these various tasks as well as providing caretakers and planners with previously unattainable assets at their disposal

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R1 specializes in UAV/Drone data capture, 3D laser scanning and other reality capture methods, but our trained staff also has many years of survey, scanning and post processing experience.   Our additional services are designed to save our customers the time, stress and money associated with their completing their projects acutely, on time and within budget.



Our UAV and 3D high definition laser scanning offerings provide many benefits and unique implementations in the construction industry:

  • Linkage of information between architects and engineers, reducing costs
  • Building and site modeling
  • UAVs and 3D scanning replaces traditional surveying methods to provide more information
  • Permanent 3D representation of site
  • Grading volume calculations and verifications
  • ​Early measurement and verification of foundation structure, reducing errors and costs
  • Verification of adherence to engineering specifications, reducing errors and costs

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R1 is proud to have been a spotlight in the most recent edition of Informed Infrastructure magazine for our work with Drones/UAV's in the AEC Industry.  This magazine spotlights the best of the best and our team in honored to be a part of this.  Click the link below to view the online edition of the article.


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**R1 does NOT provide actual architectural services**

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As-built surveys using UAVs and 3D laser scanning technology provide users with detailed point clouds which enable 3D modeling for diverse tasks including building reconstruction, plant layout and enhanced data presentation with augmented reality. 

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**R1 does NOT provide actual survey services**