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Drone/UAV Services

3D Laser Scanning

Interior/Exterior As-Builts

Post Processing Services 

Large Format Scanning

Project Name: Strap Tank Brewery

Project Location: Springville, Utah

UAV Services Provided:

Aerial Imagery

3D Point Cloud of Site/Building

3D Architectural Modeling 

Accuracy Is Everything

Fast Is Fine, But

Project Name: Lehi High School

Project Location: Lehi, Utah

UAV Services Provided:
As-Built Full Site

3D Model of Buildings

Topo of full site

​Need an accurate 3D model of a site or building?

Our experts use the latest technology to create photo-realistic 3D point-cloud and mesh models of structures, sites and landscapes, which are interactive, high-resolution and highly accurate. This allows us to create model data that is of real use to our customers and not simply a pretty pictures.

​Why use R1?

MORE EFFICIENT - Structures can be modeled in detail once and then reviewed and re-reviewed indefinitely thereafter. With traditional inspections, the inspection team would need to revisit the site if the initial data was not satisfactory

QUICKER - Drones can cover surfaces or structures much faster than traditional methods

COMPARABLE - A 3D model created from drone-captured data is a photo-realistic, point-in-time copy of the subject space or structure. Mapping changes over time is made possible in a way never achievable before.

MEASURABLE - Our 3D models are accurate to within an inch. Engineers, Architects and planners can measure structures and landscapes, the height of stockpiles or the depth of excavations to a degree of accuracy acceptable to the industry.

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