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solar Panel

With our UltraHD 4K and Sony R-10c cameras, we are equipped to produce extremely precise aerial images, allowing you comprehensive and complete mapping with real time data of large railway tracks.  With our “re-fly” option you can get the same flight flown at a later date allowing you to detect any changes or malfunctions reducing cost and risk.  



Powerline inspections have always been a tricky and a dangerous undertaking.  Our drones allow us a convenient and safe way to acquire critical data of any powerline to detect, insulator overheating, wire overheating, wire breaks, mechanical defects, wire sag and so much more.  

RealityONE is ideal for wind turbine inspections. Our drones are uniquely configured to be high-performance beasts.  These drones have extended flight times, high-resolution thermal and optical zoom cameras and can stand up to the challenges that come with high wind conditions. 


Specialized Drone technology has made cell tower inspections the most effective way to inspect and document these hard to reach areas with improved speed, efficiency, reliability and accuracy, while safely keeping both feet on the ground!

Quickly and easily detect defective panel cells and connection points with the use of our advanced thermal imaging drones. Our inspection analysis can help you reduce maintenance costs and increase power generation.


UAV’s are shaping the future of bridge inspection and rehabilitation.  Our drones are capable of collecting far more detailed inspection data compared to traditional methods at a much greater cost savings.  All of this can be done without interfering with traffic.