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Specific Applications for Architecture

Façade Documentation 

Use 3D scan data as an underlayment for drawing CAD lines. Zooming in and out of the scan data within CAD enables one to discern the various ornamental elements, and place lines to accurately show windows, trim and ornamentation

Surface Analysis

Scan data can be used to document anomalies, such as shifts in level, tilt and surface wrinkles in a topographic style leveling map, providing a clear indication of problem areas all tied to a set “zero-zero” base point

Clash Detection

A floor plan can be easily extracted from the scan data which will accurately portray the location of walls, columns, and other interior elements. This can be imported into CAD and placed against an existing floor plan of the space to see where any deviations occur

Building information Modeling (BIM)

The use of scan data has proven to be a faster and more cost effective method contrasted to manual conversion of 2D information to 3D models. When similar type and size projects have been compared, scan data will provide a clean, accurate database that can be used for CAD development for use in either 2D or 3D modeling