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From The Ground Up 

Specific Applications for Construction

Preconstruction/Existing Condition Survey

Eliminate rework and improper installations with the use of laser scanning. Quickly capture the entire site or structure inside and out, to help ensure that you coordinate your new designs and ensure that things get installed correctly the first time

As-Built Documentation

Save time in the production of a final as-built, and provide an accurate and complete representation of built conditions for use in later remodeling. Webshare Cloud puts scan data in the hands of the owner so that viewing and measuring of in-wall and overhead conditions can be done throughout the life-cycle of the building

BIM & 3D Model Integration of Field Conditions

Verify field conditions against Building Information Models (BIM) to ensure installations are proceeding per the design

Dimensional Verification for Prefabricated Systems

Exterior skin and interior mill work can be prefabricated based on actual as-built conditions instead of the Building Information Model (BIM) which may be slightly different

Multi-Trade Management

Manage progression, minimize risk and build deeper relationships with various sub-contractors such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC, by rapidly identifying deviations between design and actual installations

Construction Tolerance Quality Control/Quality Management

Implementing laser scanning on a project site can ensure project managers that the job is done right the first time and that no major accidents occur on the project. Avoid cascading tolerance issues by identifying defects or failures in constructed facilities so that increased costs, personal injuries, inspection delays and rework are all eliminated from the project

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Drone/UAV Services

3D Laser Scanning

Interior/Exterior As-Builts

Post Processing Services 

Large Format Scanning

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