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Project Name:Reynolds Truck Center

Project Location: Orem, Utah

UAV Services Provided:

  Initial ALTA

  Construction Monitoring

Digital terrain model (DTM) & Digital Surface model (Dsm) Contours 

Fast Is Fine, But

There are a number of reasons why land surveyors are turning to drone technology for their surveying needs. First, UAVs can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data over large distances. By acquiring faster data from the sky, drones allow you to gather millions of data points in one brief flight.

Survey-grade drones can save even more time. Our equipment are capable of receiving X, Y, Z data accurate to within 1.2 in (3 cm). By speeding up and simplifying the data collection process, the time you used to spend on data and information gathering can be better spent on analyzing and planning.

By using UAVs we turn a job that take weeks to complete into a one that is finished in just a few days. Another benefit is the decreased exposure of staff to dangerous environments. An aerial survey means less time spent on the ground, minimizing the risks to surveying teams measuring sites such as mines, unstable slopes and many other use cases.

Accuracy Is Everything

FAA Part 107

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Drone/UAV Services

3D Laser Scanning

Interior/Exterior As-Builts

Post Processing Services 

Large Format Scanning