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Stockpile & Containment Volumes

Easily capture complex surface pile volumes rapidly and safely on stockpiles while providing exceptional accuracy. Containment volumes, such as those found in tank farms, can also be extracted from ground surfaces while volumes of tanks and equipment can be deducted from the overall capacity

Drainage & Grading

3D scans are an easy way to help create terrain models which can be used in grading design and cut/fill calculations. Since tight grid topographical surveys can be very tedious with a total station and GPS, scan data is able to deliver a grid of minute spacing that can be spatially filtered to any grid size

Deformation Analysis

Monitor boilers and vessels that are often exposed to temperature and pressure extremes as well as corrosive materials. Acquiring 3D as-built documentation of these structures is necessary to survey and estimate the extent of current and future deformations to guarantee the structures are fit for service

Structural Assessments

3D scanning provides engineers actual loads on a structure as well as detectable heavy beam and column deflections that could lead to a structural failure if not accounted for in the design process. Point clouds verify whether facilities and structures experience additional changes within their lifespan since many of changes may not be integrated into updated as-builts

Conceptual Design

Scan data provides engineers a better understanding of existing conditions which can help determine complex geometries that may be difficult to interpret from a set of as-built plans. By using images and animations to help animate point clouds, including new design models, engineers can communicate the design intent to owners and bidders

Clash Detection

Quickly analyze the impact of additions and re-designs on existing structures by comparing conflicts between a 3D model and the scan data. Save a considerable amount of modeling time by using the scan data directly during this analysis for all existing structures

Bridge, Road, and Infrastructure Survey

3D scanning can quickly capture road geometries from a safe distance in high or slow speed stop-and-go heavy traffic areas. Scanning distant bridge members as well as detailed connection configurations is much easier than conventional survey methods

Electrical Survey

Laser scanning technology is used to perform high-line structure inspections, assess power line clearances and sag, determine equipment size for demolition routing and new installations and capture existing structures for routing and estimation of new conduit and cable tray runs

Laser scanning provides General Contractors and MEP Engineers critical 3D data used in the complex design-build-operate (DBO) lifecycle and QA/QC comparisons for new construction projects as well as structural renovations