Accurately measuring earthworks and estimating hauling costs is a vital part of winning bids and keeping projects running smoothly. 

It can take days to perform a traditional cut and fill analysis, requiring time in the field to conduct a topographic survey, collect points, and process the data. With the drones we utilize and software solutions we have helped customize, we can quickly fly your jobsite and process the data in hours, providing a fast, cost-effective way to survey your project.

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Project Name: Geneva Development Project Location: Vineyard, Utah Project Size: +/-600 acres

Project Description:

The Geneva Development Site in Vineyard, Utah, used to be one of the largest steel mills in the country. Since its closure about 15 years ago, extensive measures have been taken to reclaim the site and bring it up to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for future growth. Region Engineering and RealityOne were contracted to capture survey data for the entire site, get an up-to-date orthoimage and calculate millions of cubic yards worth of materials.

UAV Services Provided

• Topographic survey +/-0.10-foot accuracy

• Stockpile volume calculations

• Existing foundation mapping

Project Capture Statistics

•  Set/surveyed 40 aerial targets tied to NAD83 survey control

•  Deployed three drones to capture all 600 acres in less than four hours of total flight time

•  Utilized Site Scan to manage and process flight data and perform volumetric calculations

•  Minimized total site time to one full day, saving a total time of nine additional survey days vs. traditional methods

•  Delivered a better end product at a fraction of the time and cost

•  Total time savings of approximately 15 times compared to other methods of capture and calculation

•  Design applications (e.g., Civil 3D) not needed—all work completed within 3DR Site Scan


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Stockpile Measurements & Volumes 

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