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Specific Applications for Surveyors

As-Built Survey 

The acquisition of topographical data with the laser scanner working in conjunction with conventional surveying methods has proved to be a very reliable and accurate, and cost effective method of gathering the necessary data for providing 3D documentation of as-built conditions

Volume Calculations

Implementing laser scanning along with conventional survey tools helps define volume measurements with more accuracy from a safe vantage point

Surface Analysis

The Laser scanner has become a very useful tool in the process of providing surface analysis data. Scan data provides surveyors with horizontal features such as asphalt, concrete and paved surfaces for slope measurements and contour information as well as vertical features such as walls, abutments and columns

ALTA Survey

Create a simple ALTA survey in a fraction of the field time

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Whether for as-built documentation or pre-design purposes, scan data has been proven to be an excellent method to provide accurate 3 dimensional data for architectural, structural and mechanical features

Specific Applications for Facilities Management

Field Check and Design

Acquiring and accurately documenting the facility prior to any construction or design is critical to lower costs and schedule risks. Use the scan data to update documentation in many applications

Construction Monitoring

Capture the site during construction for verification and quality control. Catch errors prior to collisions in the field

Safety Regulation Compliance

Document the facility to verify, establish, and share proof that safety regulation is being followed

Asset Management

Capture Assets in 3D to build or maintain an inventory of the equipment. Using the information provided you can easily see the condition and detail associated with the asset you wish to capture.

Maintenance Projects

When planning for maintenance, use laser scan data to make and convey demolition instructions and make installation documents accurately.